Positive Phase 2 Data for Oral KVD900 in Hereditary Angioedema (HAE)

Reduced use of rescue treatment for HAE attack

graph 1

Mild to moderate HAE attacks treated with KVD900 significantly reduced use of rescue (p=0.001), with 15% of KVD900 treated attacks rescued compared to 30% on placebo at 12 hours.

Reduced time to symptom relief on PGI-C scale

graph 2

KVD900 significantly reduced time to onset of symptom relief after HAE attacks on a Patient Global Impression of Change scale (PGI-C), with median time of 1.6 hours with KVD900 vs. 9 hours for with placebo (p=<0.0001).

Sustained cumulative symptom relief as assessed by VAS


Cumulative symptom relief (defined as 50% reduction in composite VAS score for three consecutive time points) was maintained at 24 hours (p=0.0005) vs. placebo.

KVD900 is an investigational product candidate currently in clinical development as an oral on-demand therapy for HAE attacks.

Generally well tolerated in Phase 2

No SAEs reported and no withdrawals due to AEs. Three on-treatment drug-related TEAEs reported in the KVD900 group and two on-treatment drug-related TEAEs in the placebo group during crossover component of trial.