Sebetralstat KONFIDENT Is the First Phase 3 On-demand HAE Trial to Include Japanese Sites

Honda D, Hide M,2 Ohsawa I, Watanabe Y, Hao J, Smith MD, Yea CM, Audhya PK, Riedl MA, Cohn DM
Japanese Dermatological Association

Hereditary Angioedema (HAE) Patients Answer: Why Do Attacks Go Untreated?

Radojicic C, Busse P, O’Connor M, Danese S, Ulloa J, Desai V, Andriotti T, Audhya PK, Christiansen S
EAACI 2024

Attack Characteristics in Patients with Hereditary Angioedema Receiving Non-Androgen Long-term Prophylaxis

Lumry W, Baptist A, Soteres D, Manning M, Earl L, Connolly H, Audhya PK, Wang A, Andriotti T, Desai V
EAACI 2024

Treatment of HAE Attacks with Anticipated Future Oral On-Demand Therapies as Reported by Patients

Valerieva A, Jones D, van Kooten S, Malloy N, Heckmann M, Betschel S
EAACI 2024

Patient-Reported Benefits of Early On-Demand Treatment of HAE Attacks

Longhurst H, Guilarte M, van Kooten S, Malloy N, Heckmann M, Busse P
EAACI 2024

A sensitive and specific assay to characterize plasma kallikrein activity in plasma from hereditary angioedema patients

Lee D, Ghannam A, Murugesan N, Vincent D, Mogg A, Smith M, Hampton S, Feener E
EAACI 2024

Delayed On-demand Treatment of Hereditary Angioedema Attacks: Patient Perceptions and Associated Barriers

Savic S, El-Shanawany T, Gurugama P, Jain R, Danese S, Ulloa J, Desai V, Audhya P, Yong P
EAACI 2024

Anxiety Associated with On-Demand Treatment for Hereditary Angioedema (HAE) Attacks

Yong P, El-Shanawany T, Gurugama P, Jain R, Danese S, Ulloa J, Desai V, Audhya P, Savic S
EAACI 2024

Unmet Needs Associated with Non-androgen Injectable Long-term Prophylaxis (LTP) Therapies for HAE

Lumry W, Baptist A, Soteres D, Manning M, Wynne-Cattanach K, Birija L, Audhya PK, Wang A, Andriotti T, Desai V
EAACI 2024

Oral Sebetralstat for On-Demand Treatment of Hereditary Angioedema: Phase 3 KONFIDENT Trial Results

Cohn DM
EAACI 2024